Located in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Kazinga Channel is approximated at a 40-meter length and this channel joins two lakes; Edward and George found on the western and eastern side respectively. This channel is one of those fundamental attractions in the Queen Elizabeth National Park that many tourists are pulled to go and see while on safari.  Here they get to enjoy views of numerous flora and fauna while on the launch cruise.

The Lake George on the other hand is located east of the Kazinga Channel and can be accessed through the channel. It is sustained by a number of streams that spill out from the extraordinary Rwenzori mountains that are north of the lake. The soundless waters from the lake flow specifically through the significant Kazinga Channel and proceed on toward the west into the adjoining Lake Edward. These two lakes connected by the Kazinga Channel are just a portion of the very common wonders that help get more presence of different wildlife species, birds and vegetation that are tour magnets in the area.

The shores of this channel attracts a great number of wild animals like the hippos, elephants, crocodiles, antelopes and others which makes the channel a marvelous place that draws many visitors on a wildlife safari in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. This bewildering channel gives you the best survey opportunities and remarkable natural life that is all under the park.

One of the recommended activities while on your safari here is the boat cruise which gives travelers a feel of nature ‘s sublime perspectives of birds pivoting in the channel shores and lake banks. These happen between 3 pm and 5 pm every day.

The Kazinga also comprises of different segments like the Northern Kazinga and the Kasenyi fields. The two segments of this channel are for the biggest part perceived as the remarkable fields in the Queen Elizabeth National Park which give visitors the opportunity to embrace the scenic nature and uncommon vegetation.